Viewport goes to Melbourne! 360 photography, drones, goats and more!

Viewport has flown head on into 360 photography trip in Melbourne. Where we made a video for Oli6 to shooting a monoscopic 360 video detailing part of the process of how the oli6 baby formula makes its way to the shelf from the farm. The second a part of the video a 3d pre-rendered animation was developed to showcase how goats milk benefits children.

We started the shoot with drone 360 footage, the weather conditions were swell, besides the wind was a bit much at times which made stabilization tricky. Also I learned that birds love eating drones. The below photo is of our Technical Director Julio giving direction to the friendly neighbourhood done-man.


Note to any 360 guys out there be ready to swat goats away from eating the camera rig..... actually thats the general vibe, animals will try eat anything you put in front of them I've discovered