VRay 3.0 for Maya

We use Maya and VRay to create most of our base imagery, whether for 3D animation, still images for print / online use, or creating assets for use in Virtual Reality builds.

The robust Hollywod standard 3D software and lightning fast state-of-the-art render engine go hand in hand when creating any CGI for our clients. We were lucky enough to be part of the VRay 3.0 for Maya Beta Program, and have been pushing the revised engine to its limit's. There are some noticeable speed improvments, as well as some compatibility issues. As with most software upgrades, this release appears to be a double edged sword. We're looking to introduce 3ds Max as part of our pipeline in the near future, which tends to be in the first release round for VRay's new releases. This will put us at the forefront of research and development when considering workflows for future projects.

VRay is a great tool for architectural visualisation, but we use it's powerful capabilities on most projects - most recently for some 3D animation work completed for an Oil and Gas company based in Perth. It's also a critical part of our workflow for our realtime Virtual Reality projects.